Safety - Making the world a safer place

Some people view safety as protecting drivers in an emergency. That is, however, only one part of the overall picture.

Of course, the safety of a Volvo truck is continuously and meticulously tested – in our laboratories, on test tracks and out on the roads where the trucks are constantly in use.

However the fact that we have always managed to be at the front line in safety work is not only thanks to our pioneering safety innovations. It’s because our safety concept has evolved to encompass safety in a broader context: it comprises personal, family and business values as well.

In our view, safety is about people, about all of us, about you. As our founders put it, “An automobile carries, and is driven by, people. Safety is and must be the basic principle in all design work”.

When we start to design a Volvo truck we approach safety from two major perspectives - Preventing Accidents and Reducing Injuries.

Keeping you out of danger

The best accident is, of course, the one that didn’t happen.

That’s why we make great efforts to ensure that each truck puts its driver in the best possible position to avoid accidents and steer clear of potentially dangerous situations.

The key to this is thinking about the drivers’ health, not just in an emergency, but each minute they’re in the truck. Research has shown that human error is a contributory factor in around 90% of all traffic accidents. The traffic environment contributes to 30% of the accidents and vehicle defects to about 10%. In reality, an accident is often due to more than one factor.

At Volvo, we are involved in continuous research activities in order to deepen our understanding of each and every one of these factors, thereby being able to continue to build trucks that keep you out of danger.  

Reducing injuries

Collisions and accidents do happen - no matter how good we are at preventing them.

Given this fact, our top priority is to reduce and minimise any possible injuries by building trucks with maximum protection for the driver and passenger. Since safety also involves other road-users, our product safety program is designed to encompass them as well.

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