1. One phone call away

Wherever you are, in your home country or abroad, a single phone call is all it takes to get qualified assistance. Phone numbers are listed in the driver's handbook and on the 'Call Volvo Action Service' page.  


2. The case coordinator takes on the job

A skilled and dedicated case coordinator answers your call to Volvo Action Service - in your own language. The coordinator is in charge of your case until it is closed, and keeps you informed about its progress.  


3. Arranging the repair

Once payment is secured the case coordinator contacts the most suitable workshop and provides information on what work needs to be completed.

If roadside repair is not possible or allowed at the location of your vehicle, towing will be arranged and the repair will be carried out at the workshop.  


4. Completing the repair

If the vehicle is to be repaired on site, the Volvo technician will collect the necessary parts and tools en route to you and your truck. If the repair needs to be carried out at the workshop, towing will be arranged.

The case coordinator will continue to manage the case for you until the vehicle is back on the road.

When the repair is completed, your company will receive an invoice from your dealer or payment is settled according to agreement.

Volvo Action Service

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