Included in Volvo Action Service

24/7 Roadside Assistance
Volvo Action Service offers assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the help of our extensive dealer and workshop network throughout Europe.
Body and Trailer Repair
We support you if you have problems with your trailer/body or with extra equipment such as tail lifts, freezer units, refrigeration or tyres.
Skilled Volvo Technicians
All service technicians undergo continuous training regarding new products, service methods and equipment.
Vehicle and Trailer Rental
When your vehicle or trailer can't be repaired in time to meet your commercial obligations, Volvo Action Service can arrange rental vehicle and/or trailer
Financial Assistance   
If the driver runs out of money or finds they have incurred unexpected expenses, Volvo Action Service can arrange Emergency Financial Assistance or even pay fines.
Driver Repatriation
Should the driver be forced to abandon their vehicle due to a breakdown, sickness, family problems etc., Volvo Action Service can arrange transport to get the driver home.
Translation Service
By contacting Volvo Action Service, the driver is able to speak to someone in their own language. If the driver can't make themselves understood, the coordinator may act as a translator between the driver, the Police or a local service technician.
Legal Assistance
Should the driver find him/herself in trouble with the authorities, Volvo Action Service can arrange for legal assistance.
Volvo Action Service

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