Make your fleet more efficient

Keeping track of your trucks has never been easier. Detailed maps give you full control of your operations. Driver and vehicle data can be presented directly in the map for immediate information about a delivery. And the fact that you will know exactly where the load is benefits both you and your customers.  

Positions and more

Positions and more

Real time updates on the truck's speed, driver status, expected arrival time and more make it possible for the transport planner to stay in total control at all times. For follow up on chosen routes, it is easy to backtrack the whereabouts of the trucks on the map.  


Bring on new business

Dynafleet will also tell you which truck is best suited for a new assignment. At the press of a button, it automatically lists the vehicles closest to the pick up location. At the same time the system indicates which drivers are able to reach the destination within his work shift - and which are not.  



Positioning+ is an add-on to Positioning that delivers real-time positions of your trucks minute by minute. Its Geofence+ functionality allows you to create Geofences around country borders, specific routes, around particular areas in any shape or form, giving you the flexibility that you need to automatically notify you when a truck crosses a customized geographical zone or deviates from a route, which makes it easier to control, plan and adjust your operations.  

The Positioning service:

  • Shows the trucks exact location down to street level  
  • Provides information about times, drivers, speed, load and vehicle type
  • Automatically shows which of your trucks are best suited when a new assignment arrives
  • Geofence notifies you when a truck enters a given geographic area, such as a terminal
  • Simplifies route planning and makes it easier to find the fastest route to your destination  

Positioning fact sheet

View and Download here(PDF, 1 MB)

The Positioning+ service:

  • The vehicles’ present position is updated in real time minute by minute.  
  • Notifications from vehicles crossing country borders, user defined routes or areas using the Geofence+ functionality.  
  • Notifications when needed, by letting Geofence+ be active during user defined time intervals. 

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