We know what’s going on out there. We know what accidents look like. That’s why we do so many extra tests that are not called for by legislation.

Carl Johan Almqvist

Traffic and Product Safety Director, Volvo Truck

Putting in the extra effort with our safety tests: video

Passing the world’s toughest safety test

We love to test

Swedish cab strength test. Barrier test. Roll-over test. Sled-test. Head impact test. Our extensive testing programme proves the Volvo FH is the safest Volvo in the world. And suggests you have a good chance of surviving if you roll over. Or hit a stationary object at 80 km/h.

Unique to Volvo, testing is carried out with all interior fittings in place and with full storage compartments. Even the coffee maker is crash tested to ensure nothing inside the cab will injure you if you have an accident.

FUPS - the Front Underrun Protection System

Lighter. Stronger. Safer

The Front Underrun Protection System, or FUPS, is designed to protect car drivers. We introduced FUPS long before it was mandatory. And we’ve been improving the design, and its life saving potential, ever since.

The system absorbs some of the force in a collision by recoiling backwards under the truck. Our new system is made from lighter and stronger materials, and is now effective at even higher speeds. In a collision, the FUPS can retract as much as 20 centimetres – compared with the previous 10. This increases its potential to saves lives, and helps reduce the trauma truck drivers experience after an accident.

The FH skylight hatch

Built-in escape hatch

Half of all truck accidents end with the vehicle on its side. Getting out the door can be extremely difficult. And kicking out the windscreen is no longer an option as it’s glued in place. This is why every Volvo FH has a large skylight that doubles as an escape hatch.

The skylight also floods the cab with natural light. A bright, airy cab helps you stay alert and focused on the road. It also improves wellbeing and reduces the need for electric lighting.

The thinking behind the skylight is simple, and typically Volvo. Design something that helps prevent accidents, and that will save peoples lives in an emergency.
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