Our environmental commitment

We prefer to look at the environmental issues we face today as a challenge, not a problem. And we are not only talking about trucks. We were, for example, the first to present a CO2 neutral factory. But we are not ready to rest on our laurels and we know that you expect us to deliver solutions. It's possibly the most challenging endeavour we have ever undertaken, but we are determined to lead the way towards an environmentally sustainable transportation sector.

Our aim is to create trucks and services that have less impact on the environment. And - from improving fuel efficiency to exploring alternative fuels - we're really making progress. 

Energy efficiency - Since 1970, fuel consumption has fallen by 40%. But we know we can do better. So we're committed to improve efficiency. 

Fuel management - Our trucks are fuel-efficient. And our smart fuel management systems and driver training help you get the most from them.

Alternative fuels - We were the first truck manufacturer to comprehensively test Bio-DME fuel and present a diesel engine that runs on methane gas. 

Truck emissons - Our Euro 6 engine has halved particulate emissions and reduced oxides of nitrogen oxides by nearly 80%. Our LNG powered trucks have also significantly reduced emissions. 

Materials and recycling - Around a third of the materials in a new Volvo truck come from recycled materials. And up to 90% can be recycled at the end of the truck's lifespan. 


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