Using the good materials all over again

A Volvo truck is designed in a way that makes it possible to separate and recycle the materials included in it. Approximately 87% of a truck is made from metal, mainly iron and aluminium. If plastic components and rubber are added, 85%-95% of the vehicle is recyclable.

All plastic components weighing more than 50 grams are labelled to allow for easy identification of the material for recycling purposes. About one-third (33% by weight) of the materials used in a new truck are derived from recycled material.

To support the recycling process, dismantling handbooks are available for almost all models to help determine the best route to recycle the materials. They describe how to dismantle the truck, as well as explain how various parts are colour-coded to indicate the material involved.

To assure that Volvo trucks can be recycled locally, we are signing agreements with local partners to ensure the best possible conditions for all parties and to make sure that the materials in a truck can be used over again.





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