Towards sustainable transportation

Volvo views hybrid technology as one important step towards reducing oil dependency and enabling sustainable transportation in society. In the years to come, Volvo will accelerate the development of commercially viable hybrids for heavy vehicles - for the benefit of both customers and the environment.

A tradition of hybrids
This is the third concept from Volvo Trucks with a special focus on environmental performance. The first was the hugely innovative Volvo Environmental Concept Truck (ECT) presented in 1995. The ECT driveline consisted of a series hybrid featuring a flexible-fuel gas turbine, high-speed generator, batteries and electric motor.

Following the very positive response of the ECT, two prototypes built on the FL6 chassis were developed to further study the feasibility of hybrid electric propulsion in commercial applications.  The Volvo FL6 used a diesel engine in combination with electric motors where the driver selected either hybrid mode or electric mode via a switch in the cab.

New battery technology
The Volvo Group is participating in the development of a new type of battery, Effpower, which is based on proven lead-acid technology used in starter batteries in today's vehicles. The new technology doubles the power output and significantly reduces manufacturing costs. This makes Effpower very cost efficient and commercially viable.

Market introduction
Today's high oil prices and recent technical advances have made hybrid technology more commercially promosing than before. The new hybrid truck will now undergo a wide range of tests before being presented to the market. The company predicts that hybrid trucks wearing the Volvo badge will be available for customers within a few years.


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