The measure of quality

A truck must be able to handle important transport assignments 24 hours a day. It has to be reliable: reliability is the measure of quality in trucks. And reliability equals uptime.

This view on quality is our guiding principle when we build a Volvo truck, from no-tools preventive maintenance to continuous materials testing, and from dealer testing to global parts resourcing. It is the outcome of quality in the entire development chain - design, engineering, materials, manufacturing, sales, and aftermarket services.

In the end, this helps keep your Volvo truck reliable, proven by your bottom line and the high resale value a few years down the line.


Top productivity behind the wheel

The kinds of people who choose a Volvo truck know quality when they see it. They can assess the efficiency of a cab before they open the door and they can hear craftsmanship when they start an engine.

At Volvo, we build trucks knowing that the single, most important component is the one behind the wheel. Product quality is the efficiency, safety and comfort that you experience in our cabs, and builds on our long history of developing innovative, reliable engineering features.



To ensure the reliability of the finished truck, our quality management is ongoing rather than a component at the end of the manufacturing process. One of the cornerstones of this approach is the modularisation of our products, which means that a number of components can be used in the majority of models, securing high product quality. All this translates into top productivity behind the wheel for the driver.

  • Service contracts ensure that maintenance is always completed on time by trained Volvo mechanics.
  • Genuine Volvo parts are available when and where they’re needed, using a worldwide distribution system. 
  • Workshops are always within reach, thanks to our extensive global network. 
  • 24-hour breakdown services provide around-the-clock maintenance, repairs, and assistance to help ensure on-time performance.

Maintenance on schedule

Quality in a Volvo truck is not only about the product. It’s as much about the solid support you receive from the dealers or knowing that the parts you need are available quickly, no matter where your business has taken you.
That’s what we call reliability and that’s why a Volvo truck is always part of a dependable transport solution with access to maintenance service, parts and management systems.

All this adds up to help you keep maintenance on schedule, trucks on the road and profitability on your bottom line.


Experience driving quality

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