Saving lives for more than 50 years

Around half of all fatalities involving trucks could be avoided with the use of a seatbelt. It’s vital that every new generation of drivers understands how important an invention it is. Because saving lives means more to us than anything else.

Safety - Making the world a safer place

Some people view safety as protecting drivers in an emergency. That is, however, only one part of the overall picture.

Of course, the safety of a Volvo truck is continuously and meticulously tested – in our laboratories, on test tracks and out on the roads where the trucks are constantly in use.

However the fact that we have always managed to be at the front line in safety work is not only thanks to our pioneering safety innovations. It’s because our safety concept has evolved to encompass safety in a broader context: it comprises personal, family and business values as well.

In our view, safety is about people, about all of us, about you. As our founders put it, “An automobile carries, and is driven by, people. Safety is and must be the basic principle in all design work”.

When we start to design a Volvo truck we approach safety from two major perspectives - Preventing Accidents and Reducing Injuries.

Volvo Trucks global leaders in safety

With night mode, drivers have the option of instantly switching off all unnecessary dashboard backlights with the press of a button. The result is less glare in the driver’s field of vision, and fewer distractions from reflections in the windscreen and side mirrors. It is best suited to long-haul drivers when driving at night, and when reversing and manoeuvring in tough weather conditions or complex environments, such as when connecting or disconnecting trailers.


Our active safety initiatives are designed to avoid the errors that cause around 90% of all traffic accidents. So we help our drivers see more. We keep them comfortable and focused. And we equip our trucks with systems and technology that take safety to the next level.

Reducing injury

Unfortunately, accidents do happen – so our passive safety initiatives focus on minimising the risk of injury when they do. As a result, we concentrate on building trucks that give the driver, passengers and other road users as much protection as possible.

Road Safety is down to us all

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