Safety, head-on

As the first manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks in the world, Volvo introduced the driver airbag in 1994.
The airbag is a gas-filled cushion that inflates very rapidly out of the steering wheel hub in a frontal crash, thus protecting the driver from the forces of a head-on collision.

Our airbag is designed to reduce injuries by preventing the driver's head and chest from hitting the steering wheel, the dashboard or the top of the windscreen. It deploys only in serious frontal collisions, when a belted driver needs extra protection for the upper body.


It works like this: Sensors installed in the vehicle body respond to certain types of frontal impacts and trigger the airbag inflator. The inflator instantaneously sends a large pulse of hot nitrogen gas into the cushion, inflating it within a split second. The cushion stops the momentum of the driver's head and upper body. About a second later, the gas quickly dissipates through tiny holes in the bag in order to get out of the way.
Note: In order for the airbag to work effectively, it is essential that you always keep your safety belt on. An airbag is designed to work with a safety belt, not replace it!


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