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Let us present ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), one of the most advanced of our new on-board systems, designed to reduce stress factors and increases your comfort as a driver by utilising new intelligent electronics.

The ACC is a system which employs sensors to detect if your truck gets too close to the vehicle in front. The speed of the vehicle relative to the traffic ahead is adjusted by reducing the fuel supply, and by applying the retarder and engine brake. If the retarder and engine brake are unable to apply sufficient braking to prevent the truck from closing too quickly with the vehicle in front, the driver receives an audible warning, which enables him to apply the vehicle brakes himself.

There is also the Hill Start Aid pushbutton function, which enables the driver to maintain brake pressure while moving his foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator when moving off on an uphill gradient. Not only is this convenient, but also improves safety.

The ACC has turned out to be especially useful on long-haul runs involving a great deal of trunk road and motorway driving, and of course it reduces many stress factors. ACC is also the first step in the development of what we refer to as "Safe distance retention". Currently, the next steps are already being taken.


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