The Road to Leading Fuel Economy

Midlands based, Dhaliwal Haulage Ltd, plays a crucial part in delivering Central England’s smart motorway upgrades and major road works. The company’s partnership with Volvo Trucks is an ongoing journey producing impressive savings.
The road to leading fuel economy
My Volvo Truck is saving me £15,000 per annum, that’s enough to pay the trucks’ insurance and award the top performing drivers with fuel economy bonuses.

Established in 2012, Dhaliwal Haulage operates six vehicles, five of which are Volvo trucks. Like any truck operator, Paul Dhaliwal is passionate about maximising fuel economy and the tipper industry is perhaps a more challenging sphere to look at miles per gallon figures than say, general haulage on the motorway networks. Therefore, Paul’s all encompassing approach to saving fuel reaches far beyond the traditional like for like mpg figures between differing truck marques.

Firstly with vehicle procurement, Dhaliwal Haulage buys new directly from Volvo Truck and Bus Centre East Anglia’s Bardon dealerpoint. Every vehicle is then retained for a period up to three years. “That policy means we benefit from two years warranty and also a three year Blue Volvo Service Contract, which is always specified. Having a modern truck in first class mechanical condition is the logical place to start when looking at the bigger picture with fuel use.”

Four Volvo FM rigid tippers and one Volvo FM tractor unit make up the current Dhaliwal Haulage fleet. “We stick to the slightly lighter Volvo D11K engine rated at 450hp for the 8x4 tippers, as it permits a 20 tonne payload. This group are equipped with insulated alloy tipper bodies and we also specify alloy wheels to minimise the unladen weights. The 500hp Volvo FM tractor unit hauls a walking floor trailer and in theory this is not the most aerodynamic articulated combination. However its driver is absolutely exceptional and also very willing to act on training advice.”

Every Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland dealerpoint has a dedicated Fuel Watch Manager, who is always available to help customers get the very best from their vehicles. “Andrew Wright is our local Fuel Watch Manager and he works across the region covered by Volvo Truck and Bus Centre East Anglia’s dealerpoints. We took up use of Volvo’s Dynafleet over a year ago. I’m passionate about getting every piece of data possible from the system and Andrew was always on hand in the first few weeks to sort out any niggles.” Paul was slightly sceptical of Dynafleet at first, as previous experience with other manufacturers’ telematics results had show a marked difference in spread sheet data when compared to physical checks. However as this owner’s proficiency with Dynafleet grew, so did his confidence in the product. “I am confident that the data produced by Dynafleet is extremely accurateNext I turned my attention to the drivers, who now all have the Dynafleet Driver Coaching app on their mobile phones. Andrew provided support as and when required and our team soon became competitive about who tops the fuel economy league. The results since have been amazing.”

Paul set a target of 9mpg for his four Volvo FM tippers, some of which are double shifted. “With the teams’ dedication to fuel efficient driving styles, we’re regularly seeing 8.5 to 8.9 mpg in the group. The FM tractor unit is something else and the Dynafleet data shows its driver is doing an incredible job. He averaging between 9.5 to 10mpg and working alongside another operator’s 460hp tractor unit that is using around 35 litres more diesel a day! The annual saving with Volvo trucks is around £15,000. That’s enough to pay the trucks’ insurance and award the top performing drivers with economy bonuses.” Paul also sees the bigger picture, with fuel saving being essential for the environment and clean air.

Looking to the future, Paul’s operational attention to detail has already paid off with the specification of his next Volvo FM tipper on order. “Volvo’s new Euro 6 Step D engine has a revised exhaust design on the FM rigid. It’s also between 200 and 300kg lighter than the current Euro 6 model, so there’s a potential to increase payload figures and move the fuel returns further up the scaleWe buy Volvo trucks not just because it’s a robust, quality product, but also because Fuel Watch Manager Andrew Wright and Dynafleet provide us with an unbeatable service and accurate data. The latter factors are just as important as the vehicle itself. ”  

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