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Evolution by Volvo Trucks

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The ever-changing constant. Volvo trucks are constantly evolving. With every new generation comes a range of carefully designed and engineered improvements.
The look is familiar but the shapes are smoother and the headlamps more distinct. They leave you with a hint of further changes under the surface. Whether you can see it or not, a Volvo truck is always better than the truck it replaces. Welcome to the evolution.
Close-up of Volvo FH16 headlamp

Designed for a reason.

The aerodynamic shape of the cab,
the iconic headlamps, and the
carefully sculpted lines all  
communicate the latest generation
of power and efficiency.

The inside that works.

New cab interior of Volvo FH

Whether it’s the new driver interface or clever storage compartments, everything is designed to be within easy reach without compromising space or comfort.

Take the next step. 

The evolution continues – with a perfect combination of power, comfort and reliability. You know your challenges. Let your local dealer help you tailor the ultimate solution. 

The Volvo FMX with a dark background

Volvo FH16

Power, comfort and reliability in an ultimate combination. 

Volvo FH

The ultimate long-haul experience.

Volvo FMX

The truck that always delivers both on and off the road.

Volvo FM

The comfortable rolling workplace.

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