Powerful new film from Volvo trucks showcases the brand’s character and the start of the Volvo ocean race

This year Volvo Trucks’ involvement in the Volvo Ocean Race has been reaffirmed by the creation of a spectacular short film and the launch of an exciting photographic competition to mark the start of the 14th running of this iconic race.
A flagship Volvo FH16 rises from the depths of the sea off Sweden’s west coast

In a dramatic video - entitled ‘The Surge' - a flagship Volvo FH16 rises from the depths of the sea off Sweden's west coast archipelago - the home of Volvo Trucks - to celebrate the powerful Volvo FH-series and demonstrate the brand's commitment to meet all challenges.

Check out the dramatic film here

In many ways, this film reflects Volvo Truck's brand character and desire to meet all challenges, as well as ensuring it remains at the leading edge of sustainable transport solutions, connectivity and autonomous driving.

The occasion also marks the world premiere of a new range of reduced emission Volvo Euro 6-compliant heavy-duty trucks that run on liquefied natural gas (LNG) or biogas. The new LNG models have the same performance, driveability and fuel consumption as Volvo's traditional diesel-powered trucks, but they deliver 20-100 per cent lower CO₂emissions when compared to diesel engines.

An example of a new Volvo FH LNG will be on show for the first time at the Volvo Ocean Race pavilion in Alicante, Spain for the start of the race on 22nd October 2017.

Lars Mårtensson, Director Environment and Innovation at Volvo Trucks says, "With these new trucks we can offer an alternative with low climate impact that also meets high demands on performance, fuel efficiency and operating range. This is a combination that our customers in regional and long haulage require."

In the film, the power of the brand and the company's Scandinavian heritage are unquestionably evident. Charles Engelaar, Director Marketing Communications Volvo Trucks Europe offers some insights into this, when he says, "With this film we want to make the world aware that Volvo Trucks with their Scandinavian roots is ready to find solutions to the problems that society faces, such as congestion, pollution and road safety. The film shows who we really are. We have a track record of almost 90 years of innovation and a history of helping our customers run successful businesses. At the same time, our products and services have contributed to a more prosperous society."

For more information on the new LNG models in the Volvo Trucks range click here