Volvo Trucks on e-mission at 'Freight in the City' 2018

This year’s ‘Freight in the City Expo’, held at Alexandra Palace, London on Tuesday November 6th, will see Volvo Trucks showcase a range of products powered by alternative fuels, designed to improve air quality in the urban environments and reduce carbon emission on long or medium haul operations.
Volvo Trucks on e-mission at 'Freight in the City' 2018

Making its UK début will be an FE-Electric 26 / 27-tonne chassis cab, launched this summer. With a range of up to 200 kilometres (215 miles), the FE has zero tailpipe emissions and is designed for refuse collection works or city distribution assignments from an out of town consolidation centre.

Equipped with the LEC low entry cab the truck is ideal for the urban landscapes. The FE’s payload capability is equivalent to nine 3.5-tonne vans and it represents an opportunity to reduce congestion levels.

“With the growth in home shopping and personal delivery, rather than going directly from A to B, it will be interesting to gauge the reaction from ‘Freight in the City’ for this vehicle. We are now starting on our journey from diesel to electric power with the 27-tonne FE, or the more compact FL at 16-tonnes with a 300 kms (180 mile) range,” comments John Comer, Head of Product for Volvo Trucks in the UK.

Also on display is a Volvo FH LNG tractor unit. This truck can reduce carbon emissions in the long haul and regional sector by up to 20%. Now in series production, both the FH and FM versions can be equipped with an integrated 7” screen in the centre of the dash, to support external cameras, while the FM is also available with a lower passenger door window available from the factory.

An FM Low Height 4x2 urban tractor with full air suspension will be displayed outside the event. This Volvo offers high visibility, side protection and a 270o camera system providing the driver with optimum vision in built-up areas.

As cities strive to improve air quality through the rollout of clean air zones, freight operators must step up to the low-emission challenge or face the prospect of significant fines to enter urban areas. The Freight in the City Expo looks to support freight operators through this process with a comprehensive seminar programme covering key questions from the urban freight market and by showcasing cutting edge vehicles, equipment and technologies in Alexandra Palace's Great Hall.


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