Do you consider every aspect?

When you need parts for your truck, what characteristics do you look for beyond the price tag and the properties?

Here are some qualities that we believe are important:

The bottom line is, of course, the quality of a part with regard to function and life cycle. However, quality is also affected by the level of education and training of the mechanics, the availability of the service network, and the efficiency of the logistics network involved.

Where do you find parts for your truck models that are no longer in production? Your Volvo dealer can quickly supply the parts you need to keep your vehicle running - an undertaking that applies for at least 15 years after we have stopped making the model.

Parts Online
Can you order the parts you need, when you need them? With Parts Online, you can order parts and accessories at anytime.

We believe that even individual parts should come with a warranty. That is why any consequential damage imposed by a Genuine Volvo Part is covered if the part is fitted by an authorised Volvo workshop.

Perfect fit
Parts made specifically for your truck make will fit the best, thus minimising time spent on the shop floor.


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