Silver eliminates costly surprises.

The Volvo Silver Contract takes care of all preventive maintenance, there is a service plan for your truck – and all driveline repairs are included. This helps you run your business without unwelcome and expensive repair costs.


Don’t worry – the driveline is included

With a Volvo Silver Contract you can relax. Driveline components and repairs are included, which prevent situations that could otherwise prove to be very expensive.


We only use the best technicians

To guarantee a truck that is always in top condition, we only use certified technicians who know everything about the latest technology, including the complex electronics. They only use Genuine Volvo Parts and have full access to any special tools and parts needed for an excellent and quick job.


We always service at the right time

Your vehicle is kept in good condition, thanks to a service plan with agreed dates. We call you to service and perform all operations necessary to ensure truck uptime and functionality. Naturally we work when you are off duty, so your operations aren’t disturbed – and we are here around the clock if something unexpected occurs.


We keep your truck in top condition

All services and repairs take place to suit your business operations. With downtime planned like this, your truck is ready to deliver when needed. This helps you keep your promises and lets you focus on developing a more profitable business.


Save time, effort and money

Both timing and the scope of the contract are tailored for you. This means less time and effort spent on service issues. Furthermore, you know all maintenance, service and driveline repair costs in advance, which improves your control. Finally, the total cost of ownership is lower, thanks to the truck running smoothly and with fewer standstills.

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