Volvo Trailer Gold Contract

As a Driver or Owner you are responsible!

Like your trucks, trailers need regular checks and servicing to keep them safe and legal.  Volvo offer service solutions to keep your trailers roadworthy and legal, so avoiding unwanted fines and points on the drivers license.

Gold Servicing and Repairs includes:

Scheduled servicing chassis up to chassis rail height
O'Licence inspections
MOT test fee
MOT presentation
One Steam Clean per annum
Suspension/ Steering Gear checks
Checks beneath Trailer
Check Brakes, Wheel, Suspension, Chassis
Steering Assembly

Volvo Trailer Gold Contract

At the time of servicing you only pay for any structural chassis repair, alterations, accident damage or parts and in between services we will sort out any problems. Take up the Volvo Gold Trailer Contract now and know you can tow with piece of mind and confident that all aspects of safety have been checked.


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