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It's the strong Volvo Trucks' Network and the passion of its people which makes this happen - every time - all the time.

When it comes to keeping your trucks compliant, our technicians leave nothing to chance. Their keen eye for detail and understanding of the science behind compliance delivers you their 100% every time. That's true commitment in practice.

Increased legislation means that staying compliant and maintaining your O Licence can be a complex and costly task. At Volvo, we make sure you keep your OCRS scores in the green, whether it's one vehicle or a fleet to avoid heavy DVSA penalties and eliminate the threat and the risk of unplanned down time.

Our high first time MOT pass rate (consistently well above the National average) - demonstrate that your vehicle will receive the best of our service - because we know how to look after your Volvo Truck.

Passionate, enthusiastic people and the best qualified to maintain your Volvo to its optimum potential. So why let someone else take care of your investment - let Volvo do it.

We manufactured your Volvo Truck, so we know it inside and out. Our time and efforts will be spent on the actual work needed, not trying to find out how to fit the part. 



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