Keep driver productivity on top

Are you getting the most from your available work hours? With Driver Times, the answer is right in front of you. You’ll directly see which driver is best suited for a new assignment, which one that should take a rest or maybe even call it a day. This way productivity can be kept on top - and you can increase your earnings using the same capacity.


Driver details for easy planning

Less time can be spent on planning and administration. In order to support efficient transport planning, Dynafleet instantly lets you know how much time each driver can spend on new assignments, based on the EU driving & resting time legislation. Details in driving, resting and unloading  is useful for invoicing and calculating driver wages.

Remote Tachograph downloads

Remote Tachograph downloads

The digital Tachograph can initiate fast and easy downloads of driver activities remotely from the office. The service allows you to have perfectly updated records - regardless of where the truck and driver is located.

Digital Tachograph Analysis
Digital Tachograph data can also be transferred to some third-party tachograph analysis companies by an automated process. This saves fleet and transport managers from having to download the data manually before then forwarding it on to be analysed.

Coach for legal compliance

Coach for legal compliance

Driver times enable you to keep a close eye on all driver activities. To secure legal compliance due to permitted working hours, next needed break and more is shown on the map and in the driver activity reports. Alerts can be issued both in the cab and in the office if a driver comes close to exceeding the permitted working limit.

The Driver Times service:

  • Vehicle tachograph and driver card data can be automatically downloaded following your personalized schedule set in Dynafleet online
  • All tachograph files are stored in the Dynafleet portal available to you at any time
  • Driver times prognosis continuously monitors driver times and alerts are visible to notify the fleet manager prior to possible infringements occurring
  • Provides a basis for invoicing and calculating driver wages
  • Minimises the uncertainty meeting driving & resting time legislation
  • Reduces administrative work at the office

Driver Times Fact sheet

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