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Fuel & Environment enables you to follow the exact performance of your trucks and drivers. In just seconds, you can generate reports from a wide range of parameters and discover why a particular driver consumes more fuel than another using the very same truck. This way, potential savings can be identified faster and more precise than ever before.

Focus on fuel efficiency

The Fuel Efficiency Score report gives you an immediate overview on fuel performance for your drivers and their vehicles. A 0-100 score, presented in both colour codes and figures, will show you the performance within four key areas: anticipating and braking, engine and gear utilisation, speed adaptation and standstill.

Fuel Efficiency Report:

  • For every vehicle that has subscribed to the Fuel and Environment package you will have access to a completely new report.
  • The report provides you insight into your overall fleet and driver performance in three different formats Overview, Details and Trend.

Improved reports:

  • Possible to rank both drivers and vehicles according to performance.
  • Trend analysis available for average fuel consumption and total fuel efficiency score

Support savings over time

The Fuel Efficiency Score function allows you to compare your drivers in detail, as well as looking into trends over time. Combined, this makes Fuel Efficiency Score a perfect tool for active driver coaching – and for controlling your fuel consumption over time.


Driver Coaching

Driver Coaching is an in-cab function that provides the driver with tips on how to drive more fuel-efficient. It delivers continuous analysis throughout the entire journey so the driver can respond to changing conditions.

Help grow your business

Help grow your business

Improving your fuel efficiency means reducing your environmental footprint at the same time. A solid documentation on emissions can help you both generate and keep environmentally conscious customers. With Dynafleet, environmental reports can automatically be sent to the customer at any frequency covering your fleets CO2 and NOx emissions.


The Fuel & Environment service:

  • Gives you a clear overview of fuel consumption, driven distance, emission levels and much more
  • Makes it possible to analyse how a specific driver performs on fuel efficiency
  • Provides easy-to-read reports that clearly shows areas for cost saving improvements
  • Enables special Fuel Efficiency reports that support consistent savings over time
  • Alerts if there are any significant fuels level changes including location
  • All reports are available to be set up as favorite reports that are automatically sent to designated recipient, such as the Dynafleet Environmental report showing emission levels
  • In cab Driver Coaching tool* (additional hardware may be required)

Fuel and Environment Fact Sheet

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