Fuelwatch - There is a answer to rising fuel costs

As an industry there is little we can do about fuel prices, but at Volvo Trucks we understand exactly its impact on your bottom line. Our Fuelwatch initiative aims to help you get the very best in fuel performance and reduce your costs. Using Volvo’s Fuel Management Service packages, which incorporate Driver Development and Dynafleet Online reporting, can have a dramatic effect by saving you as much as 10% on your fuel bill!

It is a question of the environment and efficiency - not to mention the money. Reducing fuel consumption is on of the hottest issues of today. This is the Volvo way of doing it:

*Actual fuel performance will depend on individual operating conditions and other variables...

5 ways to cut fuel costs


Optimised Truck

Your Volvo dealer can help you specify the driveline on your truck to match its driving conditions and transport assignments. An optimal combination of engine, transmission, rear axle and tyre types will help reduce fuel costs.

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Fuel saving maintenance

Service is central to your fuel economy. Regular ensures fewer stoppages and optimises the total performance of a fleet Fuel efficiency can now be maximised based on the conditions in which trucks operate.

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Efficiency upgrades

New, Selected and Selected+ Used Trucks can all be upgraded for optimal fuel efficiency. Genuine Volvo Parts and Roadcrew Solutions offer a wide range of fuel saving accessories which can supplied and fitted.

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Dynafleet is an application designed to monitor the overall efficiency of your truck. Using the data provided by Dynafleet, both drivers and operators can contribute to improving their fuel efficiency.

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Fuel management Service

The one-stop shop for Volvo Trucks customers who wish to improve logistic efficiency and cut their fuel and operating costs. From a fuel management audit to a corrective action plan, consultants can help improve your overall fuel economy.

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