Monitor your fuel consumption with Dynafleet

Dynafleet enables truck operators to keep track of their fleets, with minimal effort and irrespective of location. It contains a variety of functions that help to improve fuel-efficiency and increase profitability.  


The new Dynafleet is a user-friendly online tool, which offers a number of enhanced fuel-monitoring options. The fuel economy of a vehicle can now be monitored by both drivers and transport supervisors, thanks to detailed driver data analysis and fuel consumption reports. Statistics show the amount of fuel remaining in the tank, fuel consumption levels, driving times, idling times and measures the use of fuel-saving functions such as cruise control.

The Dynafleet offer also includes an e-learning module, through which the driver receives online training in fuel-efficient driving. Dynafleet can then be utilised simply and effectively to demonstrate the extent to which fuel-efficient behaviour can reduce consumption. The results can also be used for future training purposes. More fuel-efficient driving patterns are not only environmentally sound; they also result in considerable savings in the cost of fuel.  


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