Wear and tear may cause the performance of a truck to slowly deteriorate. Volvo Truck Dealer Workshops offers Service Contracts to ensure that the systems and settings remain in optimum condition.

Trucks on Volvo Service Contracts have the wear and tear of components monitored, which causes the performance of the truck to deteriorate and its fuel consumption to increase, unless appropriate action is taken.


By choosing one of the three types of contract offered (Gold, Silver and Blue) you will fix the cost of maintenance for the period of the contract and ensure that your trucks are always in optimum condition in terms of:

  • Correct lubricant quality in the engine, gearbox and drive-axle.
  • Engine performance is monitored constantly.
  • Engine software updates or campaign changes are uploaded at the next workshop visit.
  • Tyre pressures are matched to running gear.
  • Fuel and air filters are checked regularly.
  • Defects reported by the driver are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Volvo Gold Contract

Under the terms of Volvo Service Contract, the service schedule for your trucks is planned in advance to ensure that you always have access to a well-maintained, safe and fuel efficient truck.

The Volvo Gold Contract is the most comprehensive. It covers all scheduled maintenance as well as repairs. For an additional charge, you can include tyres and repairs of bodywork and accessories.

Offering peace of mind against driveline repairs to operators, the aid to fuel efficiency which preventive maintenance brings is also an integral part of the Volvo Selected+ Used Trucks package. This includes 12 months Volvo Driveline Assurance and 12 months Preventive Maintenance to ensure that the truck is kept in optimum condition.

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Volvo Silver Contract

The Volvo Silver Contract takes care of all preventive maintenance, there is a service plan for your truck – and all driveline repairs are included. This helps you run your business without unwelcome and expensive repair costs.

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Volvo Blue Contract

With a Volvo Blue Contract all preventive maintenance is taken care of and your truck gets an agreed service plan. This improves uptime and helps you run a more profitable business.

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