Trust Genuine Volvo Parts.

The right part, the right place, the right time.


Genuine Quality

Genuine Volvo Parts give your Volvo the quality it deserves in regards to function and life cycle. However, quality is also enhanced by the standards of education and training of our Volvo technicians and the efficiency of the logistics network involved.


Perfect Fit

Genuine Volvo Parts are the same parts that have been in your Volvo from day one. They ensure perfect fit every time, minimising the time spent on the shop floor.





Where do you find parts for your truck models that are no longer in production? Your Volvo dealer can quickly supply the parts you need to keep your vehicle running – for at least 15 years after we’ve stopped making the model.




All our parts come with a 12-month warranty*. If the part is fitted by an authorised Volvo workshop, our warranty is doubled to a massive 24 months** and we also cover the cost of a call-out*** and any consequential damage imposed by a Genuine Volvo Part.





When it comes to supporting your truck, our goal is to be your uptime partner. Genuine Volvo Parts are designed to provide optimal performance and efficiency. And with the care of expert Volvo Service Technicians, you are in a stronger position to maximise uptime during the entire life of your vehicle.




Customer surveys show that we are ranked among the most professional in the industry regarding service and parts. That is good - but not good enough. We are committed to make Genuine Volvo Service the best service there is. And not just in one workshop. You should receive the same superior treatment regardless of where in Europe you are.

What have we done?

Words won't do it. That is why we have taken action in several areas:

  1. Most importantly, we have listened to you and other customers and acted on your feedback. We now know precisely what to work with in order to become the best.
  2. We have changed some of our operating procedures to make us ever more responsive. This will become apparent in your contacts with us.
  3. We've created training and development initiatives for over 17,000 staff, to sharpen our service and ensure consistency across our 1,100 Dealer points.

Experience the Difference

In the way we treat you

•Easy to deal with
•Friendly and professional
•Caring and with empathy

In the way we serve you

•Responsive and proactive
•Ownership and communication
•Agreement and understanding

In the way we support you

•High quality parts and service
•High availability
•Sense of urgency

Genuine Volvo Service is our commitment to making the difference. We're working hard to make that difference for you. Please let us know how we succeed.