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Maintain the full capability of your Volvo truck with Volvo Exchange Parts – the cost-effective way to keep your Volvo a Volvo.  

During our remanufacturing process returned worn parts, cores, are completely disassembled so their condition can be accurately assessed. The components are then stripped from the core and are thoroughly cleaned before they are further inspected. All high-wear components such as bearings, seals and brushes are replaced with brand new Genuine Volvo Parts. When necessary, components are machined to the latest technical specification and then reassembled. Then they are tested again to verify the product’s performance. All Volvo Exchange Parts are competitively priced and are all fully protected with the same warranty as our brand new Genuine Volvo Parts.

When you fit Volvo Exchange Parts you are assured of the quality and performance that only Volvo can offer. Each exchange part is tested before it leaves the factory and is fitted in Volvo workshops by Volvo technicians. 

The Volvo Exchange Process

Watch the movie and see how the remanufacturing process breathes new life into Volvo Exchange Parts.


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