The Volvo Compliance Contract - helping to keep your O Licence in the green

The world of Operator Compliance has never been more in focus with the authorities. Increased legislation means that staying compliant and maintaining your O Licence and OCRS score is no easy task. At Volvo, we understand the Science of Compliance, and we're working hard to help you stay compliant. With the new Volvo Compliance Contract we combine a fixed monthly low cost fee, skilled Volvo Technicians and easy administration to give you total peace of mind - keeping your vehicle compliant and on the road.

Compliance - It's a whole new science
When it comes to keeping your business compliant the Volvo Compliance Contract is a convenient and cost effective way of maintaining your O Licence and OCRS score.

This fixed fee contract covers your vehicle at 1 year plus, Volvo or Non Volvo, for its regular O Licence inspections required by law, including vehicle steam clean, MOT preparation and test.

With the Volvo Compliance Contract, you can be sure that we have gone the extra mile in keeping your OCRS scores in the green.

Keeping you in control

  • Online access to all your critical servicing information
  • Individuals service plans for all of your company's vehicles
  • Documentation for MOT and O Licence inspections
  • Plan your workshop visits in advance
  • Monitor your total vehicle costs
  • Reduced administration with direct access to all retail invoices

Who is watching your compliance


OLI Inspections

Regular OLI inspections when conducted as part of the Volvo Compliance Contract, help to maintain a roadworthy fleet and avoid heavy DVSA penalties. The Volvo Compliance Contract includes a comprehensive 75 point check of your vehicle, key to keeping your truck on the road, legal and earning! Just a few of the inspections we carry out include: Brakes, Steering, Lights, Emissions, Tyres, Tachograph etc.


Annual MOT Inspection

Our first class Volvo Dealer Network deliver a first time MOT pass rate consistently well above the National average. Matched with our impressive combination of Genuine Volvo Parts and Service you get peace of mind knowing we will keep your fleet on the road and in the green. It’s all part of the service with your Volvo Compliance Contract!


MOT Preparation and Steam Clean

Failing your MOT can impact your OCRS scores, affect profitability through costly downtime and cause unwanted inconvenience whilst your vehicle is re-tested. From your reflectors to your pedal rubbers we check all areas of the vehicle included in the test and also provide a steam clean to ensure the vehicle is in tip top condition. Together with our state of the art specialist equipment and skilled technicians we ensure the highest standards are consistently adhered to.


Service Point Online

The Volvo Compliance Contract automatically includes Volvo Service Point Online. This ensures that all legal documentation and DVSA records are kept up to date and available online 24/7, making your life easier, improving your uptime and giving you complete operational control of your fleet.

Volvo Trucks can help you master the complicated world of Compliance

Working with businesses like yours means we understand the pressures you are under. By applying a more scientific approach to compliance, along with the right mix of cost effective Volvo products and services, we can help you to stay compliant. The Volvo Compliance Contract is your first step to maintaining good OCRS scores. Discover how Volvo’s other products and service can help you further

Keeping your business in check falls into 4 clear areas


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