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Reduce your footprint with gas-powered trucks

Are you looking for a smaller environmental footprint and lower fuel costs in your transport operation? Take a closer look at our gas-powered trucks. Available for everything from waste collection and delivery transports to demanding regional haul and long haul transport. And they come in versions that can be driven on LNG – produced from both natural gas and biogas depending on availability. With a good supply of fuel globally and potential to reduce your CO2 footprint by 20–100%*, they offer a smooth transition to environmentally sustainable transport.

Our LNG trucks

For regional haul and long haul transport, you can get the Volvo FM LNG and the Volvo FH LNG with operating range up to 1000 km with high performance on liquefied nautral gas or biogas.

What is LNG?

LNG is natural gas or biogas that’s been liquefied by bringing it down to low temperature. When the gas liquefies, it reduces in volume that makes it possible to have enough fuel on board to drive long haul transports. Supported by the EU, the network of LNG filling stations is growing throughout Europe. This means LNG offers a huge potential as a substitute for diesel in trucks. Our LNG-powered trucks operating on fossil natural gas, reduce the CO2 emissions by 20%* compared to diesel. And when operating on biogas, the CO2 emissions are reduced by 100%*.

* This covers the emissions from the vehicle during long haul driving, the so-called “tank to wheel”, compared to a truck using European standard diesel.

** This covers the emissions from production and usage of the fuel so-called “well to wheel”.

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