Reduce your footprint with gas-powered trucks

Are you looking for a smaller environmental footprint and lower fuel costs in your transport operation? Take a closer look at our gas-powered trucks. Available for everything from waste collection and delivery transports to demanding regional haul and long haul transport. And they come in versions that can be driven on LNG – produced from both natural gas and biogas depending on availability. With a good supply of fuel globally and potential to reduce your CO2 footprint by 20–100%***, they offer a smooth transition to environmentally sustainable transport.

Our gas-powered trucks

For regional haul and long haul transport, you can get the Volvo FM gas-powered and the Volvo FH gas-powered with operating range up to 1000 km with high performance on liquefied nautral gas or biogas.

*This covers the emissions from the vehicle during long haul driving, the so-called ”tank to wheel”, biogas together with HVO, compared to a truck using European standard diesel.

Ready to get Gas-powered?