Volvo FL Narrow Track

The new Volvo FL Narrow Track is light and compact with an impressive 11,000* litre payload.  At just under 2.3 metres the Volvo FL Narrow Track is 20 cm narrower than many other trucks on the market which means you can easily access and work in confined rural and town areas – so there are no limits to what the truck and your business can achieve.  Built on Volvo’s core values of quality, safety and environmental care the Volvo FL Narrow Track delivers everything you would expect from a Volvo Truck; including industry leading technology, greater vehicle efficiency with its increased capacity and world class safety throughout the cab and chassis.  

* Truck specification: When plated at 16,000 kg GVW the vehicle has the ability to carry 8,800 kg of payload (+/– 1.5%) which equates to 11,000 litres of Kerosene and
10,200 litres of gas-oil. Tank specification: Unique Magyar maximum section 3 compartment ADR roll-over approved aluminium tank complete with metering equipment
of your choice.

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