Your electric truck for urban transport

Volvo FE Electric

A three-axle truck with a gross vehicle weight up to 27 tonnes. We can deliver complete vehicles for demanding types of urban transport like waste collection, light construction transport and deliveries.

About the driveline

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Electric powertrains

The Volvo FE Electric powertrain consists of two electric motors and a 2-speed gearbox.

The electric motor

The power to drive the truck is generated by an electric motor with a power output of 400 kW and a 850 Nm of torque. 


The powertrain utilises a 2-speed gearbox to make use of the motor’s range in the most efficient way. Designed and built by Volvo, the gearbox has independent power flows that enables gear shifting without interruption in power. It offers an experience of fully controlled and seamless power in all driving situations.

Volvo FE Electric specifications

Battery packs

The battery capacity and number of battery packs is tailored to your needs. The Volvo FE Electric can be fitted with up to four battery packs. Each pack has an energy capacity of 50 kWh and an estimated lifetime of 8–10 years depending on your operations.


The charging connection meets the current automotive standard and different charging methods are possible. Either you can use the onboard AC charger, which enables you to charge at industrial sites, or use the charging cable included with the vehicle. Finally, you can also charge at external DC stations for faster charging.

Powering the superstructure

All functions on the bodywork are powered by a separate electric motor that drives a hydraulic pump. There are two motor options – one with a peak output of 240 Nm and 70 kW, and a more powerful with 530 Nm and 100 kW output.

Tested and reliable

The electric powertrain and the battery pack are based on the solution used by Volvo Buses. So far 4,000 buses with either hybrid or all-electric drive are in use. Volvo Trucks also has a track record with hybrid drive trucks.

Under the surface

  1. Cooling unit
  2. Modular power box (incl power electronics and 24V batteries)
  3. Volvo 2-speed transmission with two electrical motors
  4. ePTO
  5. Air compressor
  6. Four batteries

Specifications – Volvo FE Electric

Gross vehicle weight

Up to 27 tonnes

Cab options

Day cab, Short sleeper cab, Sleeper cab or Low Entry cab

Number of axles


Wheel base

3 900 mm

Power output (peak/continuous)

400 kW/330 kW

Number of batteries


Electric motor power output for PTO (peak/continuous)

70 kW/50 kW (small variant), 100 kW/70 kW (large variant)

Electric motor torque for PTO (peak/continuous)

240 Nm/130 Nm (small variant), 530 Nm/270 Nm (large variant)

Charging time (fast/regular)

Less than 1 h/6.5 h (4 batteries) 

Operating range

Refuse and light construction up to 120 km, distribution up to 200 km

The future is electric. Let us take you there

Electromobility made easy by Volvo Trucks.

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