When the cab isn’t only your workplace, but also your home. Then you depend on in-cab functions and equipment that need energy, even with your engine switched off. For that purpose, we now offer a battery system that ensures high on-board living comfort, without compromising on startability the next morning.

A Volvo Truck on road

Dual batteries. Separate circuits

The secret behind staying in power is two separate battery sets with separate circuits. One is dedicated for starting the engine, and the other one for on-board living functions. Use your cab climate, media system and charging devices without being concerned about draining the truck’s starter batteries.

Volvo Trucks long lasting gel batteries

Gel batteries. Longer lasting

The system with dual batteries utilises gel battery technology for the on-board living and enhanced flooded batteries for starting. The gel batteries can withstand discharging without damage and provide longer lifetime than traditional flooded batteries. There’s also a version with a single set of gel batteries available. Gel batteries can last more than 10–15 times longer than flooded batteries.

A comfortable sleep in Volvo Trucks cab

Zero idling. No worries

You no longer have to leave the engine idling during the night or check the battery status in the middle of the night. Have a comfortable sleep, your starting batteries will have enough power when you need it.

Chart showing Dual Batteries charging cycles

Cycle life

Gel batteries keep their charging capacity even after hundreds of full discharge and charge cycles.

Dual Batteries is self-monitoring

Self-monitoring. So that you don’t have to

The system keeps an eye on the charging levels to keep you from running out of power. All auxiliary appliances will gradually shut down first, and you will be alerted before startability is threatened.

Choose your power level

Optimise your power capacity, there are three main levels of battery systems available for your Volvo FM.

Type Power
Single lead-acid battery system 170 or 225 Ah
Single gel battery system 210 Ah
Dual battery system Lead-acid 75 Ah for starting + gel 210 Ah for living
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