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Waste management service provider, London Energy, is taking delivery of nine Volvo FM rigids as part of a full upgrade of its hook-loader fleet.

LondonEnergy upgrades its fleet with nine new Volvo FM rigids

Waste management service provider, LondonEnergy, is taking delivery of nine Volvo FM 8x2 rigids as part of a full upgrade of its hook-loader fleet, replacing a rival marque.

EWD Recycling places confidence in Volvo FMX eight-wheelers

Volvo Truck and Bus Centre East Anglia has secured an order for four new Volvo FMX 8x4 rigids from Colchester-based EWD Recycling, on the back of its reputation for providing great aftersales support and trucks offering maximum uptime.

Dealer technicians work extended weekend shifts to keep Knowles Transport moving

A team of technicians from Volvo Truck and Bus Centre East Anglia have gone the extra mile to keep a customer’s fleet on the road, after giving up their weekend to help Knowles Transport catch up on essential repair and maintenance.

New Volvos join TMJ Interiors fleet for premium london operations

Prestige joinery and building fit-out specialists, TMJ Interiors, has upgraded its fleet with the delivery of two new Volvo FE 6x2 rigids, supplied by local dealer Volvo Truck and Bus Centre East Anglia. Both trucks have been specified to ensure the safest operation between the firm’s Ipswich base and London’s Square Mile, where the majority of its work is located.

Driver recommendations secure conquest deal for Volvo

Maze Logistic Solutions has taken delivery of its first ever Volvo trucks, on the recommendation of its drivers and after being impressed with the service offered by Ipswich dealer Volvo Truck & Bus Centre East Anglia.
Burton Roofing orders four new FM rigids after first Volvo truck takes its fleet to new heights

Burton Roofing orders four new FM rigids after first Volvo truck takes its fleet to new heights

The outstanding performance of Burton Roofing’s first Volvo truck has persuaded the construction supplier to add four new crane-equipped FM rigids to its fleet.

Latest Articles

Gothenburg sunset.

Gothenburg gets its first electric truck

Gothenburg, the home of Volvo Trucks, has high sustainability ambitions. This year the city gets its first all-electric truck, marking a small but important step in the direction of electrification of the city’s commercial transport. But what went on behind the scenes to get the first electrically powered truck onto the streets of Gothenburg?
City distribution of daily commodities.

The more battery capacity the better, right?

How far is it possible to drive before the batteries have to be recharged? Many of the most common questions about electric vehicles relate to their range. The longer the better, right?
Lars Mårtensson, Volvo Trucks

Batteries – how environmentally suitable are they really?

Electric vehicles are quieter, more energy-efficient and cleaner than their fossil fuel-powered counterparts. Having said that, however, there are several questions regarding their batteries. How environmentally suitable and sustainable are lithium-ion batteries, if we look at the entire picture? Volvo Trucks’ Director Environment and Innovation, Lars Mårtensson, discusses the advantages and disadvantages.
Volvo Trucks in cities

Will tomorrow’s cities need trucks?

Urbanisation doesn’t slow down, cities are growing worldwide and the need for transport keeps increasing. At the same time, air pollution and traffic congestion are huge problems. The need for cleaner and more efficient transport systems is obvious. The question is: will trucks fit into tomorrow’s cities?
Electric trucks

Electromobility made easy. Electric trucks are here.

There is a huge interest for electric trucks on the market and curiosity to understand more about the possibilities of this new electrified technology and its practical use in everyday business. Shifting to electromobility will make cargo transportation quieter, cleaner and more sustainable. The transition towards a new, more sustainable transport society involves new consideration and also new opportunities.

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