Volvo FH gas-powered

The Volvo FH gas-powered is a powerful truck for long-haul transport that can reduce your CO2 footprint significantly. Fueled with bio-LNG and HVO, it can cover long distances with a high payload, all carbon neutral when calculated from tank to wheel.

High performance with less CO2

The Volvo FH gas-powered engines offer the same power and torque levels as our diesel engines. And they do so with lower emissions and the potential to go carbon neutral when using renewable bio-LNG and HVO. Choose between 420 hp, 460 hp or 500 hp power ratings with up to 2500 Nm of torque.

More power and torque

The Volvo FH gas-powered engine is based on the diesel engine technology and offers notably higher efficiency, output and torque than other gas engines alternatives. It makes a perfect match for long-haul transport assignments with combination weights up to 60 tonnes.

A reduced CO2 footprint

The engine uses bio-LNG (biogas) or LNG (natural gas), but also a small amount of either renewable HVO or diesel fuel. It also uses AdBlue for the exhaust aftertreatment. This powertrain offers a potential to reduce your CO2 footprint by up to 100%, calculated tank to wheel, when using bio-LNG and HVO.

LNG capacity for your range

Volvo FH gas-powered is available with three different tank sizes to fit your application. An operating range of up to 1000 km is possible, making the truck a great fit for long-haul transport in a growing network of gas filling stations.

Tailor your Volvo FH gas-powered

How much power do you need? How far will you drive between filling stations? And what level of comfort do you need in your cab? Create your ultimate Volvo FH gas-powered in our truck builder.

Power with lower emissions

The Volvo FH gas-powered performs like a diesel-powered truck, but can let you reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 100%. This is calculated from tank to wheel when using bio-LNG and HVO, compared to a truck using European standard diesel.

Up to 60 tonnes

Up to 1000 km range

Up to 500 hp

Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options.

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