I-Shift offers a range of automated transmissions that are designed to make driving easier, safer and more energy-efficient. Every gear change is perfectly timed and smooth to make the most of the energy. I-Shift transmissions are available for electric, gas-powered and diesel-powered trucks. Features for off-road driving, extreme startability and seamless power delivery are available.

Every gear change made perfect

I-Shift changes gears perfectly every time. It’s based on an unsynchronized manual transmission with a compact design and high efficiency. The magic happens in the electronic control unit, which manages the clutch and shifts. It applies extreme precision to every shift by constantly evaluating information about speed, gross combination weight, road gradient and torque demand. The system also communicates with the engine, allowing it to adjust the revs and brakes for best performance.

Seamless power with I-Shift Dual Clutch

For high powertrain performance with frequent gear changes, the I-Shift Dual Clutch is a perfect match. It changes gear in a fraction of a second, offers a steady flow of power with seamless shifts and helps the engine perform at its best to boost productivity.

A smooth driving experience

The uninterrupted torque delivery of I-Shift Dual Clutch means that gear changes can be made confidently in the middle of a bend. It also helps keep the load steady and the risk of losing grip is kept to a minimum even when engine braking with downshifts.

Crawler gears for heavy loads

Starting with heavy loads can be a challenge, especially in hilly terrain and poor road conditions. I-Shift with crawler gears improves startability and can reduce the strain on the clutch by up to 75%.

Options to crawl slow

Choose between one or two crawler gears and add the option of extra reverse gears. This transmission allows driving as slow as 0.5–2 km/h with total control over the engine torque.

Efficient and in control

I-Shift with crawler gears delivers both high energy efficiency and extreme startability. You can choose a faster rear axle ratio and maintain cruising speed at much lower revs on decent roads. This can improve comfort and save energy.

Unique I-Shift functions

A range of software packages lets you tailor I-Shift for your needs. Your Volvo Trucks dealer will help you choose the right options. On top of that, there are unique features that make the truck even easier to drive in specific situations.

Change Direction

Frequent shifting between forward and reverse is made smooth and easy with Change Direction. Drive forward, shift to reverse, and control the braking power with the accelerator without using the brake pedal. It works the other way around too up to 20 km/h.

Terrain Brake

Terrain Brake is perfect for off-road driving, letting the driver control both the engine throttle and the wheel brakes using only the accelerator. Stopping and positioning the truck with a wheel on top of a rock or another obstacle is made very easy.

Active Grip Control

I-Shift offers an advanced traction system to improve traction and startability performance. The system quickly adjusts the engine torque to reduce wheel spin and works for both differential locked rear axles as well as non-differential locked rear axles.

Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options.

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