Volvo FE Electric - Boughey Distribution

Cheshire-based Boughey Distribution is accelerating its transition from diesel heavy trucks by adopting a new Volvo FE Electric – the company’s first-ever electric vehicle.

A Palletline member, Boughey provides warehousing and distribution services to the goods industry and has capacity for 137,000 pallet spaces combined across a purpose-built 48-acre site in Wardle, near Nantwich, and an additional warehouse in Crewe. It has a fleet of 144 vehicles.  

  • Equipped with four battery packs, the customer's new rigid offers a range of approximately 200 km.
  • Average charging time of just 2.3 hours using a 150kW DC charger.
  • The FE Electric powertrain consists of two electric motors and a two-speed gearbox.
  • The truck generates an output of 400 kW and a peak torque of 850 Nm.



The delivery of our first electric vehicle represents a real milestone for us and we’d like to say a big thank you to Volvo Trucks for their support throughout the process.

Why Volvo Electric?

Eager to continue its decarbonisation efforts, Boughey approached local dealer Thomas Hardie Commercials to arrange a trial of the FE Electric model. After three months of successful operation, the customer opted to introduce the vehicle to its fleet on a permanent basis.

Neil Trotter, Transport Operations Director, Boughey, says: “We were very impressed with the vehicle’s performance during its trial and took the decision to add the model to our Palletline fleet where it’s being used for the many shorter, more local journeys we make.

“Our ambition to become greener is a company-wide initiative, and we will continue to strive to take steps towards making our business better for the environment and our planet.”


The Volvo Solution

Volvo Trucks and supplying dealer Thomas Hardie Commercials collaborated closely with Boughey’s transport team to ensure the new vehicle seamlessly met its needs. This included the use of Volvo’s Electric Range Simulator to consider multiple factors about the customer’s operation, including payload, routes, driving hours and charging infrastructure, to first ensure the vehicle’s suitability.


Crucially for drivers, the new FE Electric offers an improved working environment due to less vibrations and almost silent operation, allowing them to better focus on the road ahead.

The Volvo powertrain, with two electric motors combined with a two-speed gearbox, offers an ultra-smooth driving experience, with power delivery handled by a unique traction control system developed to master slippery surfaces.

Specified with four batteries, the FE Electric chassis offers a range of up to 250km and a recharging time of just 2.3 hours with a 150 kW DC charger. The battery can also be charged more quickly up to 80 per cent capacity, in just the same way as a smartphone, because the charger slows down towards the end of the process to protect the battery cells.


The Results

Boughey’s new Volvo FE Electric has continued its good work within the customer’s fleet and is being used to service local routes.


Thomas Hardie Commercials delivered the vehicle into service backed by a comprehensive Volvo Gold Contract, which includes preventative maintenance and repairs, and the monitoring of key systems including batteries and other critical components. The local dealer also provided specific driver training to help the transition for its drivers from diesel to electric.

The vehicle features a specially designed livery to promote Boughey’s commitment to a sustainable future.