Volvo FH Electric - Boortmalt

Bury St. Edmunds-based malt firm Boortmalt has welcomed a new 44-tonne Volvo FH Electric 6x2 tractor unit into its busy fleet via the company’s logistics partner, Bartrums.
Volvo FH Electric - Boortmalt

Founded in 1929, the family-run Bartrums offers full load, part load and pallet network distribution services across the UK. It has worked with Boortmalt – one of the world’s leading suppliers of malt with a global production capacity of three million tonnes – for more than 30 years.  

  • The FH Electric features three electrical motors, creating 666 hp and 2,400 Nm of continuous torque.
  • Equipped with six batteries, the FH Electric offers an approximate range of 200 miles and can be recharged in just 2.5 hours using a 150kW DC charger.
  • The trucks can be recharged in just 2.3 hours using a 150kW DC charger
  • A unique traction control system masters even slippery surfaces, with different drive modes available to maximise performance, comfort, and energy usage levels.
  • The truck – which will be paired with a STAS tipping trailer – is expected to cover up to 80,000 km annually.



The arrival of this fully electric Volvo FH is a significant milestone and is also one of the very first electric articulated bulk vehicles in the UK.

Why Volvo Electric?

Bartrums and Boortmalt approached Volvo Trucks to deliver a heavy-duty zero tailpipe emission truck capable of slotting seamlessly into the latter’s operations to support Boortmalt’s aim to reduce its carbon footprint by 50 per cent by 2030.

Arriving as a direct replacement for a diesel model on the fleet, the new unit is projected to yield immediate sustainability benefits, with the vehicle helping to reduce Boortmalt’s on-road emissions. The vehicle will also be recharged using excess energy generated by an on-site Combined Heat and Power plant which uses natural gas.

Peter Nallen, Boortmalt’s Managing Director UK & Ireland, says: “We will continue to strive for lower carbon deliveries of barley and malt as well as ensuring we decarbonise all our malting plants in line with our ambitious sustainability commitments. We are also developing plans to be carbon neutral in the future.”

The Volvo Solution

Supplied by Alan Didwell, Key Account Sales Manager at Volvo Truck and Bus Centre South & East, the FH Electric will be used predominately to deliver Boortmalt’s products to its customers based across East Anglia – including Greene King – before bringing barley back to site from Boortmalt’s network of suppliers and stores.

As part of this work, the vehicle will be paired with a STAS tipping trailer, with the duo expected to cover 80,000 km a year.


Full air suspension offers an enjoyable ride for Boortmalt’s chosen driver, with the vehicle’s Globetrotter cab also equipped with a 

Media Pack with navigation, as well as dual armrests, and a suspended driver’s seat with lumbar support which completes the in-vehicle experience.

The presence of additional safety features such as Volvo’s Electronic Stability Control reduces the risk of skidding and rollovers, while Forward Collision Warning with Adaptive Cruise Control and advanced emergency braking and Lane Departure Warning systems deliver a thorough active safety setup.

Boortmalt’s FH Electric is backed by a four-year Volvo Gold Contract which covers all maintenance and repairs, including proactive monitoring of batteries and associated components.

The Results

Equipped with six batteries, the FH Electric offers an approximate range of 200 miles and can be recharged in just 2.5 hours using a 150kW DC charger. The unit is driven via three electric motors, capable of generating 666 hp and 2,400 Nm of continuous torque, while a standard I-Shift gearbox ensures a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

Tremayne Johnson, Operations Director at Bartrums, says: “The arrival of this fully electric Volvo FH is a significant milestone and is also one of the very first electric articulated bulk vehicles in the UK.

“This is a flagship project both for Bartrums and Boortmalt. The rig will be a spectacular and unmistakable sight on the roads and I’m in no doubt it will significantly raise the sustainability profile of Boortmalt in the UK.”