Living in the cab 

If your assignment requires a sleeper cab truck, there's a wide range of Volvo truck cabs to choose from. In all cab models, from the spacious Globetrotter XXL cabs to the more compact sleeper cabs, you'll find interior solutions that can make every day on the road even better.

Comfort for your life on the road

When staying over in your cab, it’s more than driving comfort that counts. A good night’s sleep, storage for the things you bring along, extra power supply, a good sounding audio system and space to move around all contribute to the feeling of home away from home.

Sleep well to be productive

Well-rested is the best mode for doing a great job, so make sure you get a good sleep while on the road. The beds in Volvo Trucks’ cabs come with either an air pocket spring mattress or a foam mattress to tailor your resting comfort. If you’re parked on a slope, the bed can be adjusted to compensate and keep you comfortable.

Surveillance mode

When you’re parked, the Camera Monitoring System can be activated in surveillance mode. It lets you monitor the areas close to the truck conveniently in the side display.

Keep the cab climate cool

When you park your truck for a rest in the blistering hot sun, I-Park Cool can keep your interior cab climate as cool as you want. Just switch the engine off, and the climate system uses the battery to keep you cool.

Dual battery system

Power for starts and comfort

Stay in power with two separate battery sets. One is dedicated to starting the engine, and the other one for onboard living functions. Use your cab climate, media system and charging devices without being concerned about draining the truck’s starter batteries.

Longer lasting

The dual battery system utilises gel battery technology for onboard living and enhanced flooded batteries for starting. The gel batteries can withstand being drained totally without being damaged and have a longer lifespan than traditional flooded batteries.

Self-monitoring system

You don’t have to worry about checking energy levels. The system keeps an eye on the charging levels to keep you from running out of power. All auxiliary appliances will gradually shut down first, and you’ll be alerted.

Everyday comfort

Refrigerators and microwave

Bring your food, drinks and other fresh produce on the road. You can get your cab factory built with a one or two refrigerators depending on the cab model. You can also prepare warm drinks or your meals in the integrated microwave oven, conveniently placed in the front top shelf.

Audio that suits you

Two different configurations of audio systems are available: Selected and Extended. They offer a premium set of six high-quality speakers. Extended is available for Volvo FH16 Aero, Volvo FH Aero, Volvo FH16 and Volvo FH – and takes it up a notch with an added subwoofer.

Convenient accessories

There’s a wide range of Volvo Accessories available to make your life on the road even more comfortable and convenient. Everything from an integrated coffee maker and cup holder to storage solutions and a water tap to wash your hands.


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The Globetrotter XXL cab

Extended space and comfort

The Globetrotter XXL cab is extended to create even more space and comfort than any of the other cab models, and offers the same generous interior height as the Globetrotter XL cab. With the aerodynamically shaped Volvo FH Aero and Volvo FH16 Aero, you have the opportunity to upgrade to a Globetrotter XXL, without being restricted by length requirements.

Big enough for two

The Globetrotter XXL cab offers even higher sleeping comfort for two people in a wider and longer lower bed – thanks to the extended cab length. The bed in the Globetrotter XXL cab is 213 cm long. The width at head, middle section and feet are 99/106.5/91 cm respectively.

Create your cab space

Choose from our whole range of truck models and cab sizes in Volvo Truck Builder. Create the space you need for your life on the road. Explore the interior trim levels, seats, beds and other options.

Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options.

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