Smart Thinking


We understand your business. That's why our finance solutions are smart and flexible. And they can help preserve your credit line with your bank.

Industry experts

We know the transport industry. We understand your business. That’s why we offer you a customized solution. From a single truck to an entire fleet. New or used.

Long term support

Our finance specialists will find a solution you can rely on. We're here to help you in good times and tough times.

Preserve your credit line

A Volvo finance solution is a second source for your financing needs. So you can preserve your credit line with your bank. You can use that for other purposes.

Credit installment

Ownership from day 1

Owning your truck. Spread payments. Benefit from tax advantages. That's what our credit installment is all about. Both the loan and the truck will appear on your balance sheet. And the best part? At the end of the contract you own a truck that has been paid off.

Hire purchase

An easy route to ownership

You want to own your truck through regular and predictive payments? Hire purchase is the answer.  Your truck appears on your balance sheet. And once you've made your final payment, it is yours.    

Contract hire

The worry free solution

No depreciation risks. No disposal risks. No headaches. Because you rent your truck. Monthly payments are booked as costs. At the end of the agreement you simply return the truck to us. We'll take care of the rest.

Operating lease

Maximum flexibility

A rental solution with all the options open. At the end of the contract you can return the truck, buy it from us or extend the lease.

Finance lease

Tax efficient financing

Your writing down allowances for a purchase are not efficient? A finance lease offers earlier tax relief. At the end of the contract you have two options. Extending the lease for a nominal fee. Or benefit from the net sales proceeds.

Volvo Financial Services does not provide tax or accounting advice. Customers should consult their tax attorney or accountant about individual circumstances.

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Senior Territory Manager VFSUK
Volvo Truck and Bus Centre South & East

Mobile: 07966 157929


Territory Manager VFSUK
Crossroads Truck and Bus

Mobile: 07971 475250


Senior Territory Manager VFSUK
Thomas Hardie Commercials, Dennison Commercials

Mobile: 07713 559174


Senior Territory Manager VFSUK
Truck and Bus Wales and West, Stuarts Truck and Bus, Mansel Davies and MC Truck and Bus

Mobile: 07966 331214


Territory Manager VFSUK
Volvo Truck and Bus Centre North & Scotland



Country Manager - Ireland VFSIE
McCarthy Commercials, McDonnell Commercials, Irish Commercials and Murphy Commercials

Mobile: 00 353 (87)2997321


Territory Manager VFSUK
Hartshorne Motor Services


Mobile: 07716 091074


Sales Director
Volvo Financial Services - Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland

Mobile: 07742 404852

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