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Warranty on your truck

Volvo Truck UK & Ireland Warranty Coverage

All Volvo trucks built by Volvo Truck Corporation and supplied by Volvo Group UK Ltd will have the Volvo Truck Corporation International Warranty from 00-12 months with unlimited mileage and Driveline Warranty from 13-24 months limited to 300,000 kms. In addition this will be supplemented with a Volvo Group UK Ltd Assurance package up to a maximum of 24 months with unlimited mileage.

12 months Basic Vehicle Warranty

Volvo Truck Corporation’s (VTC) vehicle warranty is valid 12 months from delivery date of the vehicle and with no mileage limitation. The warranty commitment also applies to associated equipment covered by the purchasing agreement. Exceptions are equipment with special warranty or for superstructures, extra equipment, tyres and other parts already covered by the respective manufacturer’s own warranty.


Extended Driveline Warranty to 24 months

A 24 months warranty applies to certain driveline components. The extended driveline warranty has a mileage limitation of 300,000 km as stated in the Warranty Booklet supplied with the vehicle. The warranty is valid internationally and means that Volvo, free of charge, rectifies verified faults in material or faulty workmanship which arises during the warranty period. Authorised Volvo workshops, with well trained and equipped mechanics, decide suitable measures and are responsible for the repair.

Normal maintenance and wear & tear

Irrespective of how good a product is, it still needs services, adjustments and replacements of parts after a certain mileage or age. This is considered as normal wear & tear or normal maintenance and is not covered by Volvo Truck Corporation’s warranty or the UK assurance package.

International Warranty

The Volvo Warranty with 12 months basic vehicle warranty and extended driveline warranty to 24 months, provides you with extensive and full protection against material or production fault on the vehicle, coming into existence during the warranty period.

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