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What do you want from your job as a technician? Without yet knowing you, we reckon that you’ll appreciate working with high-end technology that helps you progress. That you’ll enjoy representing a brand whose industry-leading innovations make you proud. And that you’ll expect to be given the chance to build yourself a career while doing so. Not to mention having the opportunity to belong to a team of great workmates. If you’re like us and think all of this matters, then Volvo Trucks is the place for you. Apply for a job as a technician now, to make sure you go for it. 

Meet Reza From Sweden

He’s the true pioneer with a clear ambition in life: to progress through learning. Seeking out the environments and the company in which he can grow. Making the most of his passion.

  • Name: Reza Ibrahimi
  • Age: 21
  • Family: Mother and siblings
  • Resides: Lund, Sweden
  • Works as: Technician at the Volvo Trucks dealer in Malmö, Sweden
  • Enjoys: Football, travel
  • Professional passions: High-end technology, problem-solving, development

Meet Daniel From Germany

He’s the motor fanatic with a passion for speed and performance. He’s also the family man, taking responsibility and planning for the future.

  • Name: Daniel Fröhlich
  • Age: 30
  • Family: Wife and daughter
  • Resides: Bergheim, Germany
  • Works as: Technician at the Volvo Trucks dealer in Frechen, Germany
  • Enjoys: Motorbiking, family life
  • Professional passions: Engine technology, sustainability, development

Meet Richie From United Kingdom

He’s the sociable guy with a plan. Making conscious choices to move forward, and prepared to work to make it happen. Without ever losing touch with old friends.

  • Name: Richie Barlow
  • Age: 24
  • Family: Parents, sister and her family
  • Resides: Southampton
  • Works as: Technician at one of the Volvo Trucks dealers in London, the United Kingdom
  • Enjoys: Mountainbiking, hanging out with friends
  • Professional passions: High-performance vehicles, teamwork, development

Meet Ladislav From Slovakia

He’s the family man with his priorities straight. Building a home for his family and a career that keeps him at the technical leading edge. Always pushing to improve.

  • Name: Ladislav Pliška
  • Age: 36
  • Family: Wife, son and daughter
  • Resides: Žiar nad Hronom
  • Works as: Technician at the Volvo Truck Center in Zvolen, Slovakia
  • Enjoys: Family life, working on new house
  • Professional passions: Telematics, diagnostics, development

Welcome to volvo trucks – explore everything that matters

We know you take your career seriously and so do we. Explore our offer and go for everything that matters.

Join the industry leaders 

Volvo Trucks is one of the largest producers of heavy trucks in the world, and we’ve been leading the transport industry's development for decades with our ground-breaking innovations. Together with you we’ll push the envelope even further. 


Work on technology-leading trucks 

Volvo's trucks are famous for their outstanding quality and performance. Join our team and acquire first-hand knowledge about the technology that will make tomorrow’s transports even safer, cleaner and more efficient. 


Operate in a modern workshop 

The workshops in the Volvo Trucks dealer network are designed around the people operating in them. Here you’ll get to work with the latest analytics, tools and equipment. Our ambition is to provide the most professional and pleasant working environment in the business. 


Build a career on development 

The only constant thing at Volvo Trucks is development. When you’re working for us, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in in our continuous training programme. Or rather, we’ll expect you to attend. Because we can only advance if you do. 

Get yourself a fair deal 

At Volvo Trucks, we believe in rewarding competence and commitment. We also know that satisfied employees perform better, and that’s why we offer competitive salaries as well as extensive benefit packages that secure and enrich your life. 


Enjoy a great work-life balance 

We appreciate that there’s more to your life than work. So we do our utmost to offer you working conditions that respect your family life and support a healthy lifestyle. Our sustainability thinking covers more than our vehicles. 


Grow with progressive values  

We want you to take an active role in our company, so we work hard to create an environment that inspires you to contribute. We want your voice to be heard and your ideas to matter. At Volvo Trucks, respect for all is a given. 


Join a great team 

At Volvo Trucks, you’ll be teaming up with amazing people from all walks of life. Together you’ll use your skills and experiences to accomplish your tasks. Sharing inspiring challenges and a fantastic fellowship. 

Proofs of driving progress

Volvo gave the world the three-point seatbelt, the safety cabin and the still unmatched I-Shift gearbox. With our continuous technology development we keep pushing the transport industry forward.

Born in Sweden

Volvo Trucks originates from the north, where the climate is harsh  and it takes determination and hard work to survive.

Find out more, from the people who know

Our Volvo Trucks dealers know everything about our company and our core values. Why not sit down with them for a chat?