Six new Volvo FM Tar Sprayers smooth the way for Connor construction (south west) Ltd.

Loyal Volvo customer, Connor Construction (South West) Ltd, Frome, is adding six new Volvo FM tar sprayers to its road construction operation. The group of 4x2 rigid chassis were supplied by Andy Button, Truck Sales Executive at Truck and Bus Wales and West, Shepton Mallet.
New Volvo FM rigid tar sprayers

Globetrotter Cabs, Volvo D11K, 11-litre engines producing 330hp and I-Shift gearboxes are included in the specifications, whilst the 5,600mm chassis are fitted with bonded coat and joint sprayer bodies by The Phoenix Engineering Co Ltd.

The FM tar sprayers join a fleet of existing Volvo road trucks and Volvo road maintenance equipment at the Somerset-based company, which has a global business presence with recent road construction projects in The Falkland Islands and Cyprus being completed, alongside works closer to home in the UK.

"Volvo is a fantastic brand that delivers robust and reliable performance standards," reports Ian Webb, Company Founder/ Director and Contracts Manger at Connor Construction (South West) Ltd., adding, "The new Volvos will accrue a relatively low annual mileage, but they will be work on a wide range of contracts."

The FM's specialist bodywork includes a 5,000 litre capacity bond coat tank and a 250 litre joint sealant reservoir, applied by a 4 metre variable spray bar and twin jet joint sprayer respectively.

"It's the first time we've combined both types of equipment on the same vehicle, so our six new Volvos should deliver increased operating efficiencies," Ian notes.

Specifying these new trail blazing tar sprayers required close communication between both vehicle supplier and customer.

"The sales process at Truck and Bus Wales and West was really good. We could not have done it without Andy Button's detailed input throughout the process and I consider the procurement of our new Volvo FM11s as a real joint venture," Ian concludes.