Volvo trucks wins ‘Sustainable Truck of the year 2018’ in Italy

Volvo Trucks’ new natural gas and biogas trucks have received a boost by winning first prize in Italy’s ‘Sustainable Truck of the Year 2018’ award with the new Volvo FH LNG, with the jury citing, "…with the launch of the new LNG range, Volvo is definitely raising the level of natural gas-powered trucks.." along with a range of other parameters, such as safety, comfort and recyclability.
Volvo trucks wins ‘Sustainable Truck of the year 2018’ in Italy

The trophy was handed over yesterday (November 7th) at a ceremony in connection with the Ecomondo exhibition in Rimini, Italy, where the main emphasis was on the trucks' high energy efficiency and low climate impact.

The Volvo FH LNG has the same high performance and low fuel consumption as a diesel-powered Volvo truck, but far lower CO2 emissions. If natural gas is used as a fuel, emissions are cut by 20 per cent, but by running on renewable biogas combined with HVO, emissions may drop by up to 100 per cent.

"Our new generation of gas-powered trucks marks a milestone in our sustainability work and in our long-term aim to achieve zero emissions. We are delighted that our efforts are receiving such attention. By putting the spotlight on sustainability issues and by rewarding significant progress, the ‘Sustainable Truck of the Year' award helps drive the development of the transport sector in a sustainable direction," says Lars Mårtensson, Director Environment & Innovation at Volvo Trucks.