Every one’s a winner. Volvo’s FH series collects another top industry prize

The honours list keeps getting longer for Volvo Trucks and its multi-award-winning FH Series, as an FH-500 6x2 Globetrotter equipped with a Dual Clutch I-Shift automated gearbox, has carried off the Fleet Transport ‘Best Fleet Truck’ and ‘Irish Truck of the Year Award’ for 2018.
 Volvo’s FH series collects another top industry prize

The win follows on from Volvo's success in scooping Irish Truck of the Year for 2017, with the FM-540 6x2 Globetrotter XL.

Volvo's FH-500 impressed the adjudicators following an appraisal exercise where five other manufacturer's tractor units were in contention for the prize, They noted the smoothness of the Volvo's drivetrain and efficient ergonomics together with good all-round visibility.

Motivations from the Irish Truck of the Year Award jury in voting Volvo FH-500 6x2 Globetrotter as Best Fleet Truck and overall winner Irish Truck of the Year 2018 include the following comments:

"I was very impressed with the Volvo drivetrain in particular. The seamless, efficient I-Shift gear changing almost went unnoticed and this was a distinct advantage. The 500hp unit felt it had ample power and torque pulling the 40tonne gross load on the test trailer. Although the cab design is over four years old now, it is still a very impressive looking vehicle both inside and out. The ease of use and ergonomic design of all the driving controls was also a bonus in my opinion."

"The reason I chose the FH-500 is its ease of access to the cab and the ergonomics are excellent. It has great traction, the power and torque made for excellent journey progress. It had the best view with least amount of blind spots."

"The FH-500 was by far the best unit in the fleet category. This was confirmed when road tested, with ample power and the smooth gear change. The styling and practicality of both inside and out was perfect. This Volvo is a drivers' first choice."