Volvo Trucks are a way of life at D&F Coleman Ltd.

Scrap metal and brick/block hauliers, D&F Coleman Ltd of Cinderford is reporting improved performance levels from its two new Volvo FH13-540 tractor units.
D&F Coleman Ltd. companies New Volvo FH13-540

The Gloucestershire-based company has remained exclusively loyal to Volvo trucks since 1978, when it purchased an F717 model off the Volvo stand at that year's Motor Show at the NEC.

Supplied by Darren Padfield, Truck Sales Executive at Truck and Bus Wales and West, Avonmouth, the two new FH13-540 tractor units were specified with Globetrotter cabs on 3,000mm wheelbase, 6x2 tag axle chassis. Reinforced rear air suspension, a Jost JSK37 cast iron fixed fifth wheel and a factory-fitted vertical exhaust stack also feature on both trucks.

D&F Coleman's high vehicle presentation standards see the pair come with factory-painted Delhi Red cabs, which were subject to both lettering and additional airbrushing. Alcoa Dura-Bright alloy wheels provide a suitable finishing touch for the head-turning duo.

"The new Volvo FH13-540s are returning improved fuel consumption figures and our drivers are very impressed with the pair. We booked our local Volvo Driver Trainer for some product learning and the cab comfort levels are better than most cars," notes Matt Coleman, Manager. "Our association with Volvo trucks stretches back almost 40 years and in that time, we've bought nothing else. Volvo has performed well for us over the years and has always been a very reliable truck, as our drivers will testify."

"We prefer tag axle tractor units, as they're better for off-road conditions. The tags' improved turning circle is also deal for tight spaces on building sites. The I-Shift gearbox has always been problem free for us, our drivers like how responsive the gear change is and how relaxing it is to drive,"
 Matt notes.

In previous years, the company expected a long service life from each of its Volvos. "We still have the 1978 F717 and one of the F12's, although both require some restoration and rebuilding. Our F12 tractor units delivered front line service for 14 years and then we retained them for another 7 years of shunting duties. Additionally, we still have two 2003 FH12 tag axles running locally with both over 1 million kilometres on the clock, both are still earning their keep and as reliable as ever." Matt concludes.

A long-established family run operation; D&F Coleman Ltd has always kept its fleet manageable over the years with vehicle numbers never exceeding double figures. The company's bulk tipper and drop-side platform trailers transport scrap metal, in addition to bricks and blocks respectively, across the UK.