Volvo’s FH16-750 Ailsa edition meets the gold standard at David Blockley & Son

Drighlington, West Yorkshire-based, David Blockley & Son has taken delivery of a new Volvo FH16-750 Ailsa Edition tractor unit.
 new Volvo FH16-750 Ailsa Edition tractor unit

Supplied by Phil Atkinson, Area Sales Manager at Crossroads Truck and Bus Ltd, Birstall, the 6x2 pusher / steer prime mover will be hired out on a full-time basis by David Blockley & Son, to long-standing customer, Fred Greenwood & Son Ltd.

"The new Ailsa Edition tractor unit will be used on livestock transport throughout the UK and this Volvo is the seventh 16-litre, FH16-750 I've bought," notes David Blockley.

The gold liveried newcomer carries Ailsa Edition No.6 and was appropriately supplied with a three-year Volvo Gold Contract that guarantees 100 per cent uptime.

In addition to offering tractor units for hire, David Blockley & Son's core business is vehicle maintenance and recovery. The latter fleet also contains several Volvo trucks with specialist bodywork.

"I have a long established and extremely strong relationship with Crossroads Truck and Bus Ltd, as I started work there in 1973 as an apprentice mechanic," David declares, adding, "I commenced my own business as an independent repairer in 1980 and my association with Crossroads and Volvo has continued since."

David's experience with Volvo's flagship 16-litre diesel engine stretches back to 1988, with a 470hp F16 tractor unit.

"That was a fantastic wagon and we've used several versions of the D16 engine since then in ever-increasing power outputs within our haulage and recovery fleets. We also keep a Version 1 FH-520 for hauling a low loader. My entire working life has been around Volvo Trucks and it has been quite something to be part of its progress since those early F86 and F88 models,"enthuses David.