A.R.Demolition extends possibilities with a Volvo FH-540 8x4 Tridem Crane Truck

Carlton, Leicestershire-based A.R. Demolition Ltd has recently put another Volvo Tridem rigid into service. This latest arrival takes the shape of an FH-540 8x4 tag axle chassis fitted with a cabin specification platform body and a Fassi 545 truck-mounted crane with five extending boom sections. The 5.2 metre wheelbase FH also hauls a two axle Chieftain drawbar trailer.
Carlton, Leicestershire-based A.R. Demolition Ltd has taken delivery of its third Volvo FH 8x4 Tridem rigid truck.

Supplied by Andy Cross, Transport Solutions Executive at Volvo Truck and Bus Centre East Anglia's Bardon dealership, the high specification FH Tridem includes Volvo's D13K engine rated at 540hp, an I-Shift automated gearbox and single reduction tandem 23-tonne drive axles with differential and cross locks.

Volvo's Tridem rear bogie design has a design capacity of 33 tonnes and the electro-hydraulic steered tag / lift axle has a steering lock out set at 38kph.

The driver benefits from a Globetrotter cab complete with Drive plus+ package and a single bed plus Living package. A.R. Demolition also specified extra tool lockers for the FH-540, which is equipped with a VBG drawbar coupling for its Chieftain trailer.

Andrew Thompson, Company Director at A.R. Demolition said, "I'm impressed by the vehicle and crane capabilities of our new Volvo FH-540 Tridem drawbar combination. At a full stretch of 14.3m, the Fassi 545 crane can lift three tonnes, 80 kilogrammes. The platform bodies on the Volvo and trailer will be ideal for shifting our welfare cabins, storage containers and fuel bowsers around various work sites.

Additionally, we have a wide range of machine attachments and dust suppression equipment that the truck will also be able to move, whilst the combination's versatility will undoubtedly make it attractive for third party, hire and reward work."

A.R. Demolition currently uses Volvo FH tractor units on heavy haulage operations up to 150 tonnes and Volvo 8x4 rigids on hookloader work. Two of the latter group take the shape of Tridem equipped drawbar combinations.

Founded in 2007 by Andrew Thompson and Co-Director Richard Dolman, A.R. Demolition operates across the UK. The company's road transport fleet complements an array of specialist demolition equipment, which dismantles, recovers and recycles a wide range of buildings or structures.