Volvo Trucks' Quality Standards Stack up for C. Fido Hay and Straw

Not all trucks are bought for haulage, and it's often non-transport operators like Nottingham-based C. Fido Hay and Straw who have the more unusual requirements from a vehicle. With a short, but hectic, harvest season, having a reliable vehicle is vital, especially when you're at the whim of the weather as well as your customer's needs, so when farmer Chris Fido needed something to cart all his produce in from the fields to storage and beyond he needed a truck he could trust, so he opted for putting a second Volvo FE rigid into his operation.
Volvo Trucks' Quality Standards Stack up for C. Fido Hay and Straw
Nottingham-based, C. Fido Hay and Straw are putting a second Volvo FE rigid into operation, for transporting bales.

“I've had Volvos for ten years now, mainly because they're reliable and decent on diesel,” Chris reports as he's currently awaiting delivery of his second, FE-826 rigid with rear air suspension and a Roco flat body. This 6x2 chassis comes with a 5,500mm wheelbase, Medium Cab and standard height rear air suspension with a fixed single tyre tag axle. “I've got a mate, Dave Collins of Collins Earthworks, who runs around 50 Volvo trucks, so if they're good enough for him…..”

Supplied by David Eyres, Area Sales Manager at Hartshorne Motor Services Ltd, the new Volvo FE is fitted with a ball-hitch for towing Ifor Williams trailers, as well as natty little features such as an extra outlet for compressed air attached to the chassis.

“It just runs off the truck, but it's dead handy for tyres on balers, things like that,” Chris adds. “We've gone for a hardwood floor as well, because although it'll be kept inside when it's not working, the lorry will have to stand outside at times and take the weather. With a steel body the hay just slips about, so a wooden body is better for that as well.”                                                                                                                                               

Despite not covering huge distances, Chris has gone for the 320hp version of Volvo’s D8K engine. “It'll only be going 100 miles or so away, but you're better being on top of the job, aren't you?” Chris points out.

Chris has also gone for a 12-speed I-Shift automated transmission system, something he's looking forward to driving for the first time. “I've got a bit of a creaky knee from driving rough old tractors all my life, so that should help!” he quips.

Another first will be Chris entrusting his Volvo dealerpoint look after all the new truck's repairs and maintenance. “We've always done it ourselves and Volvo's parts are no dearer than any other,” Chris concludes, “but we're going to trust Hartshorne Motor Services Ltd in Alfreton with this one !”

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