Volvo FE updated for demanding tasks in urban transportation

Volvo Trucks has extended the low-entry cab range for the Volvo FE with several new features for demanding tasks in urban areas, with most of the options centring on improved safety and productivity for drivers making the Volvo FE LEC a perfect choice for demanding urban transportation tailored to operator’s specific needs.
Volvo FE with several new features

In refuse operations, city distribution and inner-city construction transportation - a low-entry cab offers safety and productivity advantages that address even the most demanding conditions in urban operations, especially as the low driving position enhances all-round visibility.

"Seeing what's going on around the truck and making eye contact with vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists are challenges when operating safely in an intense city environment. Now we can address this issue in even more transport operations," says Anders Edenholm, Segment Manager Distribution at Volvo Trucks.

The low-entry cab offer is now extended with a version optimised for the driver and a single passenger with the option of an air-suspended passenger seat. This offers the same clear visibility as the current model with the low driving position maintaining close contact with the environment around the truck. In addition, the extra window in the passenger door increases the view even further.

In addition, the low instep lets the driver work more efficiently whilst, at the same time, reducing the risk for knee and ankle injuries.

The new cab option is a competitive extension of the current low-entry offer, which can transport up to three passengers and offers a walk-through floor. These functions are demanded in some transport operations, but not necessary in all cases where a low entry is an advantage.

"In city distribution, for example, the driver does all the driving and deliveries alone. However, the low entry offers a huge ergonomic advantage when you have to enter and exit the cab over 50 times a day plus the enhanced visibility means improved safety for vulnerable road users,"explains Anders Edenholm.

The new version has an engine tunnel instead of a flat floor, but the improved passenger comfort with optional air-suspended seat makes the concept much more suitable for city distribution work.

The Volvo FE now offers powertrain options to fit every requirement for performance and a wide range of local environmental incentives and regulations. So now, in addition to diesel, it is also possible to use HVO in the D8K Euro-6 engines.

Further options now included
The Volvo FE - and the smaller Volvo FL - are now also available with both Adaptive Cruise Control and Adjustable Speed Limiter options. These functions are designed to help the driver keep distances and correct speed, making these trucks even better suited for urban distribution with care for both the individual and the environment.