Volvo Trucks prove ripe for a change at Cherry Hill Waste

Cherry Hill Waste, based in Knutton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs has put its first Volvo truck into service. The new FL skip loader was selected after the performance of a similar demonstrator which ’knocked spots off’ their existing vehicles.
Volvo Trucks prove ripe for a change at Cherry Hill Waste

The company has been providing domestic skip hire and commercial waste removal services since 1982. These days 90% of what their fleet of six lorries bring in is recycled, a figure they hope to raise to 100% in future, as part of a company-wide green initiative, so making sure those vehicles are reliable is vital. Previously loyal to another manufacturer, Cherry Hill is looking to Volvo Trucks for the future, starting with a brand new FL818 250hp 18-tonne skip loader, supplied by Hartshorne Motor Services Ltd.

“We'd had some issues with our previous supplier so we thought we'd test out a few other trucks,” reports Liam Bailey, Boss at Cherry Hill Waste. “Our decision to go with Volvo was mainly about quality. Their demonstrator knocked spots off our existing vehicles, it was far easier to use and comfier to drive, and the price we were offered was pretty reasonable too.”  But there was another attraction as well – with Volvo you can spec an additional lower side window in the offside door, giving greater visibility in what otherwise can be a blind spot.

“Obviously in skip hire you've always got obstacles in your way when you're backing into tight driveways, for example, so any extra vision – especially down that side – is a bonus,” Liam explains adding, “every driver who had a go with the demonstrator said what a massive help it was.”

The downside of many retrofit kerb windows is loss of the ability to open the main passenger window above, but with Volvo that isn't the case. A sliding version simply replaces the traditional design, removing what for many is the main obstacle to fitting safety aids of this type.

With Volvo’s D8K-250 engine under the floor and a six-speed overdrive manual gearbox, Cherry Hill Waste's new vehicle is already earning its keep out on the road and another Volvo will soon be on the way.

“We've got another demonstrator in now to help plan our next order, which will be an eight-wheeled hook-loader, this time with the I-Shift gearbox.” And it doesn't end there. “We're planning to get the whole fleet swapped over to Volvo eventually, hopefully over the next 18 months or so. The skip loader is still a relatively new truck so we're still learning about it every day” he concludes, “but so far everything's spot on!”



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